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FMCSA Arbitration program
FMCSA requires movers to be enrolled incorrect arbitration program for household goods

When registering your moving company with the FMCSA, they will require that you provide proof of association with an arbitration program. You will not be able to register your moving company with the DOT without being part of an arbitration program. Many arbitration programs are available online. A simple search for “moving arbitration” will provide results with many arbitration programs across the U.S. Make sure to choose one that provides the best value for your needs. They will differ in pricing and a number of features included with the program. We are able to provide arbitration for your company as well.

Just click on the green button on the top right corner of our webpage. We will be able to get your company covered in less than an hour. After purchasing an arbitration program with us, you are able to register your company with the DOT. You will then be able to get your DOT number and start moving customers. Our arbitration program comes with a certificate of proof of arbitration. You can display this in your office as proof of arbitration.

Arbitration For USDOT License

The FMCSA wants to make sure each moving company is able to handle disputes claims filed by their customers. Movers have to resolve claims with shippers, keeping copies of all claims and include them into their claims registration file. The law makes it so that both parties agree on terms outlined in the contract.

It is a requirement to be part of an arbitration program. They also want to make sure that customers are protected when signing a contract with a moving company. If a claim does not fulfill the customer’s needs they have another option. Moving companies must present proof of arbitration disputed program to the customer before allowing them to sign with them for a move. When filing a claim, the customer must complete this action first. If they reject the claim, then next they dispute the claim release form. A customer can use this program instead of small claims court. All moving companies must have arbitration claims to operate and to start transporting goods.

The FMCSA are the governing body in the moving industry. The DOT is very strict when dealing with movers that are not in compliance or processing household claims. Your company is going to be shut down. Moves arbitration for your company is necessary no matter what costs.


Arbitration Program Q&A

Q: What is an Arbitration Program?

A: Arbitration is a way to resolve disputes. This is a private, judicial resolution of a dispute by an impartial third party. A hearing for arbitration might involve the use of a single arbitration agent or a group of arbitrators. This group might hold any number of arbitrators, although local legislations may require the use of multiple arbitrators. Some require an odd number in order to avoid a tie decision. Either there will be one arbitrator, or three; arbitration is another solution to taking a moving dispute to court. Arbitration also acts as a binding and final decision.

 Who Needs to Have an Arbitration Program?

A: A Household Goods mover who offers moves across state lines is required to offer an arbitration program. This program would be used to resolve any arguments or disputes involving damages to goods on the part of the mover.


 Do Individual Companies That Work Interstate Participate in Arbitration?

A: These shippers are entitled to be a part of the HHG (Household Goods) program, but are allowed to opt out of arbitration services.


Q: What does an Arbitration Program Consist of?


A: Arbitration Programs are required to have these 11 elements:


Prevention of a household goods mover from having any advantage because a customer is in a particular proximity to the primary operation of the moving agency.
Before offering a shipper’s household goods for transport, a household goods mover is required to inform the shipper about their option to receive arbitration services. These programs must be included in the offering of the arbitration program:
A sum of the procedures for arbitration.
Applicable costs
Disclosure of the effects of using arbitration in legal terms request of a mover or shipper, a household goods mover is required to share forms that are found necessary for initiating arbitration.
An arbitration agent is required to operate impartially, without any preference for one party or another. A household goods mover is required to confirm that an arbitrator is authorized to obtain any information necessary to make an informed arbitration decision.
Although an arbitrator is allowed to set a service price for each party, the individual shipper will pay no more than half of the cost of an arbitrator.
Household goods movers are prevented from making shippers consent to arbitration prior to a dispute arising.
If a shipper requests arbitration, a household goods mover is bound to claims of $10,000 or less.
For claims exceeding $10,000, a household goods mover must seek arbitration if the shipper asks for such services to be provided and if the shipper agrees to the terms of such arbitration services.
If given consent by the individual shipper and the household goods mover, the arbitration agency is allowed to provide an oral presentation of any disputes by a representative for any party involved.
Arbitrators are required to tender a decision within a two-month, 60 day period of receiving written correspondence for the dispute.
This period of time might be extended if the household goods shipper does not follow up with requests for information in a timely manner, as decided by the arbitration agency.