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All of the information above within the links are designed to educate you a little more about arbitration programs for a mover that wants USDOT license.

It is our goal to educate household goods carriers so that they follow FMCSA laws and regulations when they apply for their USDOT number. Unfortunately, many movers in the past have tried to bypass these simple regulations. In response, the FMCSA has updated the application process on the protect your move gov website. This change forces new carriers to follow the arbitration membership correctly. If you apply with our arbitration program it is non-refundable due to the fact that it starts immediately. Did you know that every move you perform without having an arbitration program in place and active is considered an illegal move?

Having active moving arbitration is activated after claims procedure and claim form has been completed in regards to liability issues on a move. Active arbitrator representing moving company must be placed on the Bill of Lading provided to each and every consumer. A copy of the arbitration brochure must also be sent to consumer moving before the move begins.

All of these factors are provided with your membership to our moving arbitration program.