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Our program is in accordance with Household Goods Arbitration laws, with judges observing our operations. Whats more is it is offered at a fraction of the cost of the others on the market. The cost of our arbitration program is only $185 for one year while other arbitration programs may cost you over $200 to $750 for a yearly subscription to their programs. Our customers have an easy access to the claims arbitration procedure which is an easy link for their consumers. Shipments that have issues can easily be placed into our arbitration pipeline so that the consumer can be handled easily. Moving companies are always happy when we are able to help them with the purchasing of arbitration as it is a requirement when filing to receive your DOT number and authority to conduct interstate household goods moving.
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We believe that our arbitration program can make your business run more efficiently as you will have arbitrators at your side to help take care of claims made against your company. You are then in the loop throughout the arbitration process. They know that these events can sometimes be stressful for both the moving company and the customer. Being able to give you information on the current status of your move will you more at ease during the process. This is only one feature of choosing our arbitration program as your main one. There are many more benefits. So if you would like to know more about our program, just give us a call. If you claim arbitration today, every shipment you handle in the future receives coverage by the program.

Moving Company Arbitration Programs

Purchasing an arbitration program is a great choice if it interests you. Or, give us a call at the number 702-333-2430. Our associates will be on the line from 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday. By choosing our program, you will get the best bang for your buck when it comes to movers arbitration. We make sure our arbitrators know how to conduct research when investigating claims made against moving companies.

With our arbitration program you are guaranteed an arbitrator who has many years of experience. They know the details of each and every law related to moving, giving you an advantage. Arbitration Programs For Movers provides the most affordable and most professional arbitration program available in the United States.

Yearly moving arbitration association program for movers
Moving Arbitration for moving and storage companies.

Buy Arbitration $189